Siesta keeps rolling along, and so do we! Can you believe it's been a little over two months since the Expansion Era ended? Fear not however, because both us, and The Game Band have plans for events until this off season is over!

First off, a small congrats and good luck to our three mafia participants Donny, Slappy and Val! Get some good kills, or survive, or ya know, don't die <3.

If you missed it, The Game Band announced an upcoming event, a return to Blaseball Fundamentals in a blog post coming this November! This is not the main era, and will allow us to play test some things. We don't know a ton just yet, so keep your eyes peeled and get 🎤amped🎤.

On the siesta side of things, we have a plethora of events we are planning for this month both in and out of the Polyhedron!

First off, the team has been invited to a Lore Jam in The Solarium for October 8th, 2021 at 2:30 Eastern Standard Time. This jam will not be focused on a singular player, but on the cross team culture and history instead! Between Knight's adventures in Moab to our beloved captain, there's a lot of great history to cover, and the Beams look forward to seeing us!

Secondly, if you caught the post in #announcements, we've instituted an official opt in watch party channel and voice call which has seen a lot of traffic in the last week! Because of this, we want to have a special month of watching fun, odd, and maybe a little bit spooky movies! We need your help for this though! Here you can submit movies for the general movie list, the goal, based on folks' energy levels, is to watch 2-4 movies spread out over the weekend, and on Halloween, an "all day" horror movie marathon. Please be sure to read the the form to understand our content limitations.

Lastly, we've finished the official lore write ups for Jonathan Catalina, Reece Saetang, and Yulia Skitter. Please feel free to give them a read in their respective lovers only lore channels! The writers of the pages are working on getting them wiki ready, so your feedback is appreciated! Now is a great time to work on IRMs or character updates! Though the wiki is still oh hiatus, feel free to reach out of you want to write an update :)

A small aside. If you are interested in publishing content for the blog site, feel free to reach out to Ackasi#9049 on discord!

I hope you all have a lovely spooky month! Thanks for sticking around!

Heart You <3

Updated: Oct 3

Hello everyone! Welcome to week three of siesta! We’ve rolled into the later half of August, so I hope you’re all doing well.

First off, this site finally got it’s domain linked, so feel free to share the site around. In the coming weeks, we’d like to add a few more features to the site, like an art gallery and a direct link to Lovers merch on the Blaseball Cares site. Keep an eye out! Additionally, if you’re interested in contributing to the site in any way, feel free to PM me (information in the about page.)

We had our first successful lore jam last week with Jonathan Catalina! He was a fantastic start to have this time around, and the character concept we hashed out is a really fun one, feel free to read about him in # catalina-islands in the sidecord. This week we will be having our next lore jam for Reece Saetang this Friday at 3:30 pm MST (timezone conversions apply.) Please check out the jamboard, stop by and participate to your heart’s content, this will be taking place in the # peace-of-reece channel. Lastly on the lore front, while the wiki is not open, now is a great time to write content for your favorite players! Notably, a large portion of IRM is still missing for the crew of Blimp Hardison, but if you have something you’d be interested in adding to character lore after a hectic era, feel free to reach out!

Finally this week, maincord was thawed out! Our channels in maincord are fully open with no slow modes, & as a part of siesta activities, we chose to add #💋slice-of-life⚔️ as a way to share your nice moments throughout the siesta’s duration. This is our replacement for the watch party & there’s already some adorable animals in the chat to see!

We’re looking forward to seeing folks at the lore jam this week, but make sure you’re taking care!

Heart you <3

Updated: Oct 3

Hi everybody! This is the introduction page for the official unofficial news/info page for the lovers! This site was largely inspired by the work the Spies do over at (check them out, they do awesome work,) as a way to provide both new and old lovers with information and resources for our team.

Depending on both the off and on season schedules, blog posts will be released with information regarding events and updates you may want to keep up with.

Right now we are in our second week of the not so grand siesta after the end of the Blaseball Beta. Our amazing modamores and representatives took the week off in order to recoup and relax after an intense final season but starting this week we will be jumping right into the organization and planning for the rest of our siesta, including a lore event this week!

We are currently planning on hosting a lore jam this week (time pending) for one of our newer players who got placed in our lineup and our rotation due to Voicemail and Fax Machine (RIV) there is currently a poll pinned in # lovers-only-general over on The Polyhedron to decide whether we lore Jonathan Catalina or Reece Saetang, once we get solid results, expect another message from our mods about scheduling time.

Speaking of messages and news, if you noticed over the past week our modamours made some edits to the side discord, we now have a newsroom, where all pressing information and some fun content will be held. Currently, there's a poll for our best moments during the expansion era! Secondly, we also have a feedback channel for Polyhedron discord under the # server-feedback-and-requests channel. If you have suggestions for the server, feel free top pop in there, or through ModMail. We are also taking suggestions for events over the siesta, and we're happy to hear everyone's thoughts!

Thank you all for your patience through the end of the season and the siesta! Here's hoping we make a grand time of it before new era kicks off sometime (possibly?) soon!

Heart You <3